What Does Statement of Remuneration Paid Mean

. . The “Other Information” section at the bottom of the T4 document contains boxes with codes and amounts related to employment commissions, taxable allowances and benefits, deductible amounts, fishing income and other entries, if applicable. Typically, this amount represents the value of the benefits you purchased during the year under a registered pension plan or deferred profit-sharing plan. . This amount is neither income nor a deduction. Simply enter it on line 20600 of your return. The CRA will use it to calculate your RRSP/CPP deduction limit for the following year, which it will post on your last assessment notice, revaluation announcement or Form T1028, your RRSP/CPP information for 2019. . For best results, download this form and open it in Adobe Reader. For more information, see General information. Do not include this amount on your tax return. See Form T90.

Do not enter this amount on line 10100 or lines 13499 to 14300. Use the sum of the amounts displayed in boxes 16 and 17 of your T4 receipts when you complete Schedule 8 or Form RC381, as applicable, to calculate the amounts to be claimed on line 30800 and line 22215 of your income tax return. Gross income – see Form T2125. Do not enter this amount on line 10100 of your tax return. Enter this amount on line 1 of your Schedule 9, Gifts and Gifts. . Do not include this amount on your tax return. This amount is already included in box 14. See “Emergency Services Volunteers” on line 10100 and information on lines 31220 and 31240. If you are on 31.

For December of the tax year, see line 31205 for more information. For people with visual impairments, the following alternative formats are also available: Detailed information on the amounts displayed in the containers of your T4 receipt can be found in the corresponding box number under the following figure:. . . This amount corresponds to the EI insurable income that your employer used to calculate the amount of EI premiums shown in box 18 […].