Chinese Cultural Course Introduction



  1. 课程名称:中国歌舞

Course name:Chinese songs and dances

  1. 课程类别:中华才艺

category: Chinese talent

  1. 面向对象:UCC学生

Object oriented: UCC students

  1. 课程负责人:雷琼艳、马丹丹、侯仕颖

course manager: Lei Qiongyan、Ma Dandan、Hou Shiying

  1. 学分数:无

Learning score: no

  1. 学时数:一周8课时

Hours: 8 hours a week

  1. 开课地点:Naana J.Opoku-Agyemang Auditorium

Venue: Naana J.Opoku-Agyemang Auditorium

  1. 选用教材:自编

selection of materials: self

  1. 课程内容简介: 重点学习中国民族歌舞和现代歌舞等内容。

Course content: focus on the study of Chinese folk dance and modern dance and so on



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