CIUCC held a 5-days workshop for a newly appointed local Chinese volunteer teacher at the institute. During the week-long programme, the volunteer was taken through a series of training to prepare him for the task ahead. The workshop covered topics such as classroom etiquette, classroom management, classroom activities, lesson preparation, and planning. There was practical training such as classroom demonstrations by teachers of the Confucius Institute.

The China director of the Institute also admonished the new teacher to abide by the rules and regulations of the university and CIUCC. The workshop commenced with the newly recruited volunteer delivering his lectures. The audience which was composed of the China and Ghana directors, local teachers, volunteer teachers and Chinese teachers listened attentively and gave valuable feedback to the presenter, to help him to improve his teaching skills.

He attended and listened to some classes organized by other teachers where he learned a lot.  Also, the current overseas volunteers shared their work and life experience with him.

It was an educative week not just for the newly recruited volunteer teacher but also for all teachers at CIUCC.

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