CIUCC Participates in University of Cape Coast’s Opening Day

On the 25th of September, 2019, University of Cape Coast organized it’s annual Opening Day. The Opening Day is a day set aside by the University for all departments, centers and institutions within the university to showcase what they have. The Confucius Institute at UCC wouldn’t miss this opportunity to showcase it’s variety of items to the university community.

Confucius Institute at UCC’s Corner

It prepared a lot of activities for people to participate in. This included paper cutting, calligraphy, paper folding amongst others.

Students participating in paper folding
Student learning calligraphy
Hard work pays off.

Chinese martial arts teachers were also available to teach students one or two martial arts moves.

Not only did Ghanaian students participate in the Opening Day but the Chinese teachers also seized the opportunity to know about Ghanaian culture and also to make friends.

A Chinese teacher showing his bravery with a live python

The Confucius Institute’s corner was frequented by a lot of students who were eager to know about what the institute does. They left satisfied and even did an on-site registration to enroll in the learning of the Chinese language.

Lots of students were in attendance

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