On April 6, 2022 representatives from Chinese enterprises in Ghana paid a visit to the Confucius Institute at the University of Cape Coast. The representatives in attendance were Mr. Gong Zhao Jian (President of Yantai International), Mr. Yan Li Quan(Ghana Chinese news), Mr. Wang Lin(President of Paul Addai Stone Quarry Limited), and Ms. Zhou Zhao Nan (President of 2015 Electronic).

Prof Ishmael Mensah, the Ghana Director of CIUCC warmly welcomed the representatives and briefed them on the role and activities of CIUCC. Prof Ou Yamei also introduced the guests and expressed her sincere gratitude to them for honoring their invitation.

The representatives of the four Chinese enterprises expressed great pleasure in the visit to the Confucius Institute at the University of Cape Coast. They also showed keen interest in supporting the work of the Confucius Institute and provide the necessary assistance within their capacity.  The “Luban Workshop” project was discussed at the meeting, this project develop the skills of students in Chinese, food production, and agriculture. In line with the project the General Manager of Ghana Chinese News,  Mr. Yan Liquan said the project would provide teachers to train the students and the necessary technical support. This he believed would help solve the unemployment problem of graduates from CIUCC. The other representatives also expressed their willingness to cooperate with CIUCC.  The two parties agreed further to discuss the details of the cooperation later.

At the end of the meeting, the Ghana and China Directors expressed their sincere gratitude to the Chinese enterprises for their unconditional support and assistance to the CIUCC and promised to put in their maximum effort to facilitate this cooperation.

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