The Director of CIUCC Prof.Hu Go To Kushea for Cooperation with local high school

On March 26, Prof.Hu(The Director of CIUCC) at the University of Ghana, was invited to join the local community celebrations at the invitation of the king of Assin Kushea, Ahunuabobrim Nana Pra Agyensem. 

During the meeting, Prof.Hu on the development status and future blueprint of CIUCC, and expected to carry out more cultural exchange activities in the future. The King praise highly of the Confucius Institute project and showed a keen interest in Chinese culture. 

In the afternoon, Pro.Hu and Assin North Senior Technology School principal, Mriam A.Adjci Amponsem, discussed the opening of the Chinese language in the future. At the meeting, the two sides identified the responsibility and obligations, and to reach a consensus. After the meeting, Prof.Hu was able to view the school's teaching facilities and make suggestions for improvement. The meeting laid a solid foundation for future cooperation between the two sides.

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