In September 2016, the University of Cape Coast and Hunan City College jointly established the Confucius Institute on the campus of the University of Cape Coast. With the strong support of these two institutions, the Confucius Institute has never slackened in its growth.

In 2019, the University of Cape Coast began enrolling students for the Chinese undergraduate program with the first batch of 31 students and a second batch of 56 students. Also, the Confucius Institute has established 11 Chinese teaching sites and 3 Confucius classrooms. The Institute also offers special cultural courses like “Tai Chi and Wushu”, “Lion Dance”, “Chinese Bridge”, etc.

The Confucius Institute organizes HSK and HSKK examinations. Through the organisation of these examinations, more than 50 Confucius Institute students have received various scholarships from the Chinese Government, language cooperation centers, and Chinese universities to study in China.

The Institute will act as a bridge between universities in China and those in Ghana in order to promote international friendship between Ghana and China.

It is worth mentioning that the five years of the establishment of the Confucius Institute of the University of Cape Coast have seen some ups and downs. What has not changed, however, is its original vision of using Chinese language and culture to bridge the world. The Institute will continue to enlighten wisdom with life and nourish hope with love.









(Hunan City College and Confucius Institute at the University Cape Coast)

(Current teacher of the Confucius Institute at Cape Coast University)

(A Chinese class section)

(In 2021, some students will be awarded the International Chinese Teacher Scholarship Certificate)

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic in 2020 has brought a number of challenges to the Confucius Institute, The Confucius Institute has also successfully held online calligraphy competitions, singing competitions and other activities. Although the pandemic prevented staff and students.

(Symposium on the 5th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Confucius Institute between Hunan City College and Cape Coast University)

(A group photo of  CIUCC directors o and some members of the board of directors)




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