Volunteer Teachers


阳光 – Akwasi Poku Adu

Yang Guang, Akwasi Poku Adu is an overseas volunteer teacher with a degree in Computer Science. He is an outstanding Graduate of Confucius Institute and has been working as an overseas volunteer teacher since January 2022, serving as YCT1 and HSK1 teacher.




欧心雨 – Owusuwah Grace Mawusi

Penuel International School佩恩尼尔国际学校教学工作
Owusuwah Grace Mawusi graduated from the University of Ghana in 2020and majored in Linguistics and Chinese . In January 2022, she began to work at the Confucius Institute at the University of Cape Coast. She is responsible for the Chinese teaching at Confucius teaching center Penuel International School.





阳光 – Akwasi Poku Adu

Ali, Abubakar Ali is an Overseas volunteer teacher who majored in Marketing. He studied Chinese at Confucius Institute, University of Cape Coast from 2018 to 2021, passed HSK level 5, and began to work as an overseas volunteer teacher in January 2022, teaching at YCT1 and HSK1 levels. He is responsible for Chinese teaching activities at the Takoradi Technical University.




王光杰 – Joseph Odame