Zhou Guiping

Lady Zhou Guiping, associate professor with a bachelor degree, was born in July 1964. She has ever served as deputy secretary of the Youth League, deputy director of student affairs, director of student enrollment and employment office, deputy director of the Communist Party office, chairman of Women’s Union, and now she is the director of International Exchange Division of Hunan City University.
The training she has participated in: TESOL training in Australia, the management training as an official in Confucius Institute organized by NOCFL, the cadres training of Foreign Students Education Management held by the Department of International Cooperation and Communication, Ministry of Education.
The honorary titles she has been awarded: outstanding female staff in the “Lotus Cup” contest, excellent Communist Party member, excellent leader of the Education Union and the advanced female individual of China’s educational, scientific and cultural organization and so on.





Resume of Zhou Guiping

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