Case Study of Local Chinese Teachers Training in Confucius

The Case Study of Local Chinese Teachers Training in Confucius Institute at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana


Background Analysis:

In just seven months after the establishment, Confucius Institute at the University of Cape Coast (CIUCC) in Ghana, has made progress in the training of local Chinese teachers.


Currently, we have been actively improving the training model. However in the development of Confucius Institute,  we have found there are still many difficulties we need to overcome.


Here is an overview of the existing models:

1. International Cooperation Model

With two teachers Anita and Emmanuel from University of Cape Coast finishing the one-year Chinese course study in Hunan City University before the establishment of the Confucius Institute, this model has achieved initial success. After their coming back to the University of Cape Coast, the two lecturers have made contributions in a series of work including the exchange between the two universities, the opening ceremony of the Confucius Institute, helping the celebration activity of the Confucius Institute Day, the Chinese Spring Festival Celebration, preparation work for the Bachelor degree in Chinese Language setting-up at University of Cape Coast ,and the overseas Internship base of Hunan City University students.


2. Cultivating Ghanaian students who are studying in China for Master and PhD

The Confucius Institute attaches great importance to Ghanaian students who are doing Masters and PhD in China, actively looking for the potential qualified local Chinese-teaching teachers to satisfy the teaching demands in future.  In this way, the Confucius Institute tries to make full use of the local teachers resources. The Ghanaian student, whose Chinese name is Qing Lang, with Master degree of International Education of Chinese Language at Xi'an International Studies University,  is continuing his PhD in Study of Chinese Written Language in Northwest University. Qing Lang has solid foundation of Chinese teaching and theoretical knowledge. He took advantage of his holidays to help establish and run the Confucius Institute website and committed to the opening ceremony of new Chinese Training centers. Qing Lang has put forward his training suggestions actively. In his opinion, the training of local teachers should pay more attention to the writing and reading of Chinese characters. He will be committed to Chinese education after returning to Ghana thus to develop his advantages better.


3. We have already signed agreement with one of Local Teachers

James is the first local teacher who has signed agreement with our Confucius Institute as a local teacher to teach Chinese and help organize cultural activities. He has obtained his Master degree of International Education of Chinese Language at Jiangxi Normal University. Now he is a member of the ruling Party in Ghana, responsible for the local foreign exchange. He actively recommended the local government officials to China director professor Hu Liangcai. Due to his efforts, the China director of the Confucius Institute and the Regional Minister of the Central Region of Ghana, Duncan, discussed the possibility of the establishment of the first local Chinese teacher training center in Ghana. He promoted the development of Chinese teaching centers and the cooperation between Confucius Institute and local government and companies.  In teaching, with a vivid style, he has a strong ability to control the class. Besides the Outreach Chinese Courses and the Liberal Course of Chinese (Elective Course with credits), he also made cooperation with other related colleges in the University of Cape Coast (now  Tourism Department of the university has set up the " Chinese Tourism Course"), and opened “ Business Chinese course” in the local government department (for Immigration Officials ).


Analysis of the Current Training:


The training is frequent, and the training content is close to the actual needs of local teachers. 

There are 3 to 4 times of training for Local teacher every month including training, lectures coaching, teaching methods, and teaching seminars. The existing training mainly contains the introduction of Hanban, teaching guidance, Chinese culture, phonetics, grammar, Chinese writing and so on. With the registered students reaching more than 1,000, the Confucius Institute at the University of Cape Coast is developing quickly and steadily since six new Chinese teachers come to join our group. With the arrival of these new Chinese teachers, different kinds of Chinese Cultural courses such as calligraphy, paper cutting, Taiji have been included in our training programs.

The Confucius Institute also attaches great importance to the establishment of HSK test center, we have improved the facilities, rules and regulations, and now in urgent need of the assistance from our local teachers.


According to the current training, there are still some problems: the lack of training materials for local teachers, the incoherence training system, the transportation inconvenience of Chinese training centers , and the shortage of training classrooms, fund, and teaching outlines. With the development of Confucius Institute and the opening of new Chinese training centers outside of the campus, the numbers of local Chinese teachers should be continuing to increase. All these are directly restricting the development of the Confucius Institute.


Future Development Analysis:

The current situation is optimistic on the whole. With the support of Hanban, Ghana Government and the University of Cape Coast, it is our common task to train local Chinese teachers. The next work should be laid on the innovation of training models, the reform of the training content, and the reinforce of the training.


In conclusion, the training situation of local teachers in Africa is good, and it is expected to achieve new progress from this African Joint  Conference of Confucius Institute.

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