Chinese Art and Culture Courses

CIUCC Art and Culture Course Introduction 




Taiji is one of the Chinese Traditional martial arts. It was designed as a unique and profound self-defense technique. As an ancient Kongfu, the especially push-hand is well known for its tactic and technique and the powerful and aggressive opponent can be defeated by a small clever attack or an abrupt explosive power. It is also a good body exercise for the human healthy.

Category: Chinese Culture

Teaching Content:  Ershisi Shi Jianhua TAIJI Quan 

Teaching Time:  8:30am-9:30am from Tuesday to Friday

 Venue:  The Amissah-Arthur Language Center Hall  




The Chinese handicraft in this course includes paper-cutting and Zhongguo Jie. Paper-cutting art is the traditional folk art in China. It has a long history in the Chinese countryside. The simple, lively and interesting artistic style has a unique artistic charm. Its characteristics are mainly embodied in the spatial concept of the two-dimensional, knife, paper, lines and decoration, freehand and meaning, etc.

Category: Chinese Art

Teaching Content: patterns, flowers, animals and Chinese characters

Object Oriented: UCC students

Course Manager: Ma Dandan 

Hours: 4 hours a week  

Venue: FELT basement







Calligraphy is a unique traditional Chinese art. Chinese characters are created by the working people. It began to picture notes. After thousands of years of development, it evolved into today's form. Because the ancestors invented it with a brush writing so in the narrow sense, calligraphy refers to the methods and laws of writing Chinese characters with a brush. As other forms of writing, such as hard pen, are not very different with the brush writing, but basically following the same methods.

Category: Chinese Culture

Teaching Content: “Kaiti” calligraphy.

Teaching Time:  10:30am-12:00am on Tuesday and Thursday, 2:00pm-3:30pm

Venue:  FELT Basement Chinese Classroom




Starting with the Chinese dance called ‘the south of color cloud’ ,this dance is one of a national dance in China,it is belongs to the Dai nationality.The dance movement of this dance are root in peacock,imitating peacocks’ actions.

Category: Chinese Culture

Object Oriented: UCC students

Course Manager: Lei Qiongyan、Ma Dandan、Hou Shiying

Hours: 8 hours a week

Venue: Naana J.Opoku-Agyemang Auditorium

Course Content: focus on the study of Chinese folk dance and modern dance and so on