Dr. Yuan Zhicheng

Yuan Zhicheng, born in Longhui city, Hunan province, in 1977, Ph. D. of literature, is a professor at Literature and Journalism & Communication College of Hunan City University and director of Personnel Department. 

He also holds posts concurrently as the executive director of Chinese Ancient Literature Society and the vice chairman of Yiyang Writers’ Association.
Dr. Yuan has mainly worked on the research in Chinese ancient literature and cultural transmission. In addition, he’s been responsible for one national, 6 provincial and 3 municipal research projects. Dr. Yuan published more than 50 academic papers and 3 academic books, and there are specialized book reviews in some state-owned media like “China Culture Daily”. Among his academic papers, 15 were published in some core journals such as “Literature Review” and “Studies of Ethnic Literature”.

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