Hunan City University China

Hunan City University, which was founded in March of 2002, ratified by the Ministry of Education, P.R.C., is a comprehensive full-time regular university. The university is named “City” university for the first time in the mainland of China.p1 Hunan City University is located in Yiyang City´╝Źthe ancient city which is in the centre by north of Hunan Province. With the beautiful scenery, Yiyang is always famous as “the home of fish and rice”, and is the hometown of Zhou Gucheng, Zhou Yang, Zhou Libo and Ye Zi. The campus of the university covers an area of 1868 mu. Its floor space of construction is more than 400000 square meters. The fixed assets of the university amount to 700 million yuan RMB, among which the teaching instruments and equipments amount to more than 60 million yuan RMB. There is a university website, second-class station of CNKI knowledge network, and electronic reading-rooms. Its library has a collection of books over 1400000 volumes. The University now has more than 14000 full-time undergraduates and 6000 adult education students. There are 790 full-time teachers, including 67 professors and 315 associate professors, and 26 doctors and 379 masters, 5 experts given special subsidy by the State Council. Focusing on city characteristics, around such fields as urban planning, city construction, city management, city business and culture, Hunan City University is striving for the cultivation of the higher applied talents who can meet the needs of the city development and the regional economic development.20160613091242 Now the university consists of 3 colleges, 12departments, and 1 teaching unit. It covers 38 undergraduate majors such as Urban Planning, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Information and Computer Science, Chinese Language, English Language, City Administration, Physical Education, etc. and several diploma majors such as Architectural Design Technology, Road and Bridge Engineering, Information Technology, Music, Decorative Design, etc. It has 2 key disciplines and 4 key undergraduate majors of Education in Hunan Province. In 2010, the university enrolled students from 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions of our country. Now its graduates are working all over the country. The lump-sum rate of graduates’ employment successively reached over 95% in the past 8 years. In 2000, the university was honored with the title of “the advanced unit in graduate placement” among all the Chinese colleges and universities by the Ministry of Education, P.R.C.p5 With the continuously deepening the reform of teaching, the university had been awarded 32 teaching achievement awards, including 2 second awards in country-level, 4 first awards and 10 second awards in provincial-level. Through the improving in scientific research, the university had got 1 project of national natural science foundation, 2 projects of national society science foundation and more than 60 science and technology projects in provincial-level. Planning and design creations of the university had been awarded 18 awards in the province and country, which is the highest on the level and the most on the number in the planning and design region of Hunan province. The university has set up the Design and Research Institute of Planning and Architecture, Supervisory Company, Civil Engineering Testing Centre and other scientific and 20160613091309technological enterprises. Meanwhile, the Design and Research Institute of Planning and Architecture has got the A-grade qualification ratified by Chinese Government in urban planning, scientific and technological consultation, construction engineering. The Journal of Hunan City University is honored as one of the “one hundred advanced national journals of social science edition”.

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