Introduction of Confucius Institute

A Brief Introduction of Confucius Institute at Cape Coast

In 2008, Hunan City University and University of Cape Coast signed an agreement for educational exchanges between the two Universities. The two institutions submitted a joint proposal to Hanban for the establishment of a Confucius Institute. In December 2015, The Confucius Institute Headquarters formally approved the establishment of the Confucius Institute at the University of cape Coast. On June 2, 2016, the Confucius Institute at UCC was officially inaugurated to start teaching Chinese language and culture to UCC students in particular, and the people of Central Region in general.

Since its official inauguration, CIUCC has successfully carried out teaching activities in and around the Cape Coast municipality. By February 2018, it had opened 10 Chinese language and cultural training centers, namely: University Practice Senior High School (UPSHS), Qingjian Int’l (Ghana) Development Co. Ltd., Cape Coast Technical University (CCTU), Winneba Perez University College (Perez-UC), TWYford(Ghana) Ceramics Company Ltd, The University Primary School (UPS), Central Regional Immigration, Mfantsipim High School, the Central Regional Police Services, and Shama Senior High school. In addition, five Chinese Clubs have been formed by CIUCC in some schools including UCC Primary School, Mfantsipim and Shama SHS.

In terms of teaching facilities CIUCC now has 2 offices, 2 classrooms, 1 language lab, and 1 library with over 3000 books.

CIUCC currently has 20 teaching and non-teaching staff comprising of a China director, a   Ghana director, 2 Chinese teachers, 7 Chinese volunteer teachers, 1 local teacher, 3 administrators, 3 national service persons and 2 messengers.

CIUCC provides Chinese language courses such as Chinese liberal course, Chinese outreach program, HSK, HSKK training course, business Chinese course as well as Chinese arts courses such as Tai Chi, calligraphy and paper cutting, Chinese dance and singing course. CIUCC also offers Chinese as a liberal course. Since its official inauguration, CIUCC has so far trained more than 3,500 students in the various disciplines.

Courses offered by CIUCC

Introduction to Chinese course (LAR 120)
This is an elective course for first year students in the University of Cape Coast. The course seeks to introduce students to the Chinese language and equip them with basic conversational skills. Through this course, the Chinese proficiency of learners should be able to write the HSK level 1 exams.

Chinese language training course 

This course is tailored for people who by virtue of their positions, have to engage in conversation with Chinese people.  These include government officials, hotel front-line staff and employees of Chinese enterprises.

Chinese beginning courses

This is a non-credit course for people who have never studied Chinese. The course is open to people from all walks of life who are interested in learning the Chinese language. Students learn basic conversation, Chinese alphabets and grammar. Students are awarded with certificates from Confucius Institute after they have successfully completed the course.

HSK course

This course is also a non-credit course which is mainly for learners who have a basic knowledge of Chinese language, such as students who have taken the LAR: 120 elective course or students who have participated in the Confucius Institute outreach course. Through this course, learners should reach the HSK1-2 levels.

Business Chinese course

This course is aimed for business people in the community to study and practice practical business Chinese. Students acquire basic specialized vocabulary required in oral and written communicative skills in the conduct of business in Chinese. It also deals with conventions in modern business.

Taiji training course

Taiji is one of the Traditional Chinese martial arts. It is a unique and profound self-defense technique. It is also a good body exercise for the human healthy. Students will learn about basic moves, tactics and techniques of the art.

Calligraphy course 

Calligraphy is a unique traditional Chinese art which involves the writing of Chinese characters. It refers to the methods and laws of writing Chinese characters with a brush. Students learn the art of writing with a brush.

Chinese handicraft 

Paper-cutting art is a traditional folk art in China. It has a long history in the Chinese countryside. Students learn the concept of the two-dimensional paper cutting using knives and papers. Students also learn how to use paper cutting for decoration.


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