Dignitaries at the high table

Today marked the official closure of the 2018 Huaxia Dongting Summer Camp of Confucius Institute at University of Cape Coast. The closing ceremony was held at the Hunan City University’s administration conference room. The event was chaired by the vice president of Hunan City University, Prof. Liu Hui huang and supported by Prof. Zhou Guiping, director of International cooperation and exchange division of Hunan City University.

Prof. Liu Hui huang (Vice President of Hunan City University)

Addressing the gathering, Prof. Liu thanked the organizers of the summer camp, and Hanban for supporting the program to a successful end. He noted that, the 2018 summer camp was organized with the main aim of equipping the participants with Chinese language and cultural skills to enable them interact effectively with the people of China. The program also aimed at exposing the participants to the many educational and economic opportunities China is presently offering the African states and the world at large.


Prof. Hu Liangcai (China Director of CIUCC)

“China and Ghana have enjoyed more than half-century-long cordial relationship engaging in economic, political, educational and cultural exchange programs that have since benefitted the peoples of the two countries” He added.

Prof. Liu hoped that Haven stayed in China and interacted with Chinese Students and non-students, the participants will work very hard to become the future forces of the harmonious relationship that exists between China and Africa. In conclusion, Prof. Liu extended his ardent gratitude to the delegates for their excellent conduct exhibited throughout this period.

Delegates being issued certificates

The China director of Confucius Institute at University of Cape Coast on July 25, 2018 led 19 student’s delegation from Ghana to Yiyang in Hunan Province, China, for three weeks Summer camp program scheduled from July 26 – August 15, 2018.

Prof. Hu Liangcai, the China director of CIUCC in return, expressed his gratitude to the vice president and his team for hosting and accommodating the delegates with best of hospitality. He noted that Hunan City University and its officials are largely the secret behind the success of this year’s summer camp.




Reported by: Iddriss M. Iddriss

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