CIUCC commemorates the International Chinese Day under the theme “Chinese: Creating Infinite Opportunities”.

On the 20th of April 2021, the Confucius Institute at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana commemorated the International Chinese Day under the theme “Chinese: Creating Infinite Opportunities”.

This activity combines the actual situation of the Confucius Institute and focuses on the theme of “Chinese and Tourism”. Students were encouraged to recount their experiences of learning Chinese, introduce famous scenic spots in Ghana in Chinese, and submit corresponding creative videos.

Firstly, the Ghana director of CIUCC, Professor Ishmael Mensah, gave a speech on this event. He said that learning Chinese has created more opportunities for Ghanaian students and called on more students to seize the opportunity to learn Chinese.

(Ghana Director, Prof. Ishmael Mensah giving an opening speech)

A total of four students participated in this activity. The first of whom was William, an HSK level 5 student of CIUCC. He introduced the famous Cape Coast Castle in Ghana. He spoke about the slave trade that took place from the 17th to the 19th century. He encouraged more Chinese tourists to visit Ghana, the “Gold Coast” of Africa, since the country has unique tourism resources. This will also help to promote the development of tourism in Ghana, and provide more employment opportunities for tourism management students.

(William introducing the Cape Coast Castle)


Wisdom, a student from the Confucius Institute at Cape Coast introduced the Tropical Rain Forest and wildlife sanctuary at the Kakum National Park in Ghana.. Kakum offers a variety of recreational activities including hiking, camping, and the opportunity to walk on the canopy walkway. Learning the Chinese language will afford students the opportunity to communicate effectively with Chinese tourists and show them the beautiful scenery. This will help promote fruitful exchanges between Ghanaians and the Chinese, and to promote Ghana’s tourism industry.

( Wisdom introducing the Kakum National Park)

Rafat also introduced the Cape Coast Technical University (CCTU). At CCTU, students study Chinese language in combination with their majors with the aim of producing technical talents who can also communicate in Chinese. These students have not only mastered technical skills, but also obtained internship opportunities in Chinese enterprises as a result of studying Chinese.

(Rafat introducing Cape Coast Technical University)


The last student Ali, an intern in a Chinese company. Based on his own experience, he described how learning Chinese helped him broaden his horizon and enhanced his competitiveness, making him the only Ghanaian who can speak Chinese in a Chinese company.

(Ali recounting his internship experience in a Chinese company)

This event has demonstrated the relationship between Chinese education and personal growth, expanded the influence of “International Chinese Day”. It again provided new ideas for further development of Chinese education in Ghana.














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