CIUCC Lecturers Attend Workshop on Professional competence standards for International Chinese language teachers’ workshop.

To enhance the skills and knowledge of international Chinese teachers, a two-day online training programme was held on June 24th and 25th, 2023, under the theme “Professional Competence Standards for International Chinese Language Teachers Workshop. Over 80 international Chinese language teachers, including local teachers from the Confucius Institute at the University of Cape Coast, signed up for the online workshop, which aims to provide professional development opportunities and promote effective teaching strategies among educators.


The teachers received mentorship from Professors from renowned universities in China, including Prof. Wang Tianmiao, Beijing University, Prof. Yang Yuling, Beijing University of Languages, Ms. Duan Yina, Nanjing Normal University, Prof. Zhang Liman, Northeast Normal University, Prof. Xiong Yuzhen, Jinan University, Prof. Han Yuguo, Beijing Language and Culture University, Prof. Lin Xiuqin, Capital Normal University and Chen Li Juan, the Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Antananarivo.


The first day of the workshop focused on building pedagogical excellence in Chinese language instruction, with renowned experts and experienced educators leading sessions on various topics. – Prof. Wang Tianmiao, from Beijing University, took participants through the “Interpretation and Professional Development of International Chinese Teacher Competence Standards”, whereas Professor Yang Yuling, Beijing University of Languages, delivered “Multi-modal Chinese Teaching based on International Chinese Teachers Professional Competence Standards.” Ms. Duan Yina, Nanjing Normal University, touched on “Grammar Teaching for Intermediate HSK – Taking Common Grammar Mistakes of African Students as an example” and Prof. Zhang Liman, from Northeast Normal University, trained participants on “Cultural Teaching Ideas, Knowledge, and Skills based on New Standards”


The second day of the training programme adopted a practical approach, focusing on innovative teaching methods, classroom management, and student engagement techniques. Through interactive webinars, participants explored best practices and exchanged ideas, gaining valuable insights to enhance their teaching approaches.Additional topics were delivered by – Prof. Xiong Yuzhen, Jinan University on “Design and Technology Application of Digital Chinese Teaching Resources” Prof. Han Yuguo, Beijing Language and Culture University delivered on the topic: Design and Practice of International Chinese Teaching Activities” with Prof. Lin Xiuqin, Capital Normal University delivered on “International Standards for the Professional Competence of Chinese Teachers – Guided Classroom Organization and Management” –


At the end of the workshop, participants gained valuable insights, expanded their teaching repertoire, and developed a deeper understanding of the Chinese language and culture through a comprehensive curriculum encompassing pedagogical excellence and cultural integration.

The program empowered teachers with enhanced skills and knowledge while fostering a global community of educators passionate about promoting Chinese language education worldwide. As these teachers return to their classrooms, their enriched teaching practices will undoubtedly inspire and engage students, further strengthening the global appreciation for the Chinese language and culture.

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