CIUCC Opens Registration at UPSHS Chinese Language Training Centre

Prof. Hu Delivering a speech
The China Director of CIUCC; Prof. Hu Liangcai, on Friday, February 9, 2018, officially announced the opening of registration of new students of Chinese language for the 2018 academic year at the University Practice Senior High School, Cape Coast. This announcement was made when the director with some staff of CIUCC inspected the Chinese Language Training Centre at the school.

Speaking at a morning assembly of students and teachers, Prof. Hu expressed his profound gratitude to the management of the school for being the first second cycle institution to open its arms to the Confucius Institute after the latter’s establishment in UCC. He also thanked the staff and students for their cooperation which has greatly helped in the smooth implementation of the CIUCC training program.

 “This center is the first Chinese language training center to be established by CIUCC in the Central Region and we are very proud of you. It is our fervent aspiration to double the number of students enrolled this year into the Chinese language programme.” Prof. Hu Remarked.

In the 2017 academic year, UPSHS registered a total of 150 students for the Chinese language programme.

Prof. Hu stated that, studying Chinese language at this level exposes students to many academic as well as economic opportunities. He added that, the scholarship programmes of Confucius Institute and Chinese government have made it possible for a number of Ghanaians to study in China. Some Ghanaians have already completed their studies in China through these scholarship programmes and as a result, Confucius Institute now has local Ghanaian teachers of Chinese language.

Prof. Hu in

students of UPSHS at assembly
his concluding remarks noted that, the Chinese government has a good relationship with the government of Ghana and hence would be willing to support Ghana in various sectors, especially in education. “I therefore assure you that final year students who can pass the HSK test shall be assisted by CIUCC to get full scholarship to study in China.”

Teaching activities for the 2018 academic year will commence on Wednesday, February 14, 2018.





                                                                                                        Story by: Iddriss Musah Iddriss

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