CIUCC Organizes a Maiden Chinese Enterprise Job Fair for UCC Students

Representatives of various companies

The Confucius Institute at University of Cape Coast, in collaboration with Ghanaian based Chinese Companies, organized a Chinese Enterprise Job Fair at UCC. This complements the efforts of CIUCC to strengthen the friendship between the citizens of China and Ghana to help improve the economic conditions of young graduates in Ghana.

The event which coincided with “Workers Day” in Ghana (1st May), was held at CIUCC New HSK Center at Amissah Arthur Language Center. The companies that took part in the maiden job fair were, “Qiajian International (Ghana) Development Company Limited”, “LCGP Ghana Limited”, “Jinbailing Company Limited”, and “Hi Bang Company Limited”.

This maiden job fair had left a noteworthy impact as it pooled final year students and graduates from various academic backgrounds to apply for various job positions. Over 30 final year students and graduates had submitted their documents and attended the interview to be employed.

Prof. Hu Liangcai (China Director of CIUCC) Delivering an opening address

In a briefing session ahead of the interview, Prof. Hu Liangcai, the China Director of CIUCC welcomed the enterprises and commended them for their decision to partake in the event. He also commended their interest to offer job opportunities to graduates and students. He stated that, it is the dream of CIUCC to positively impact the lives of Ghanaian students in various ways including scholarships, students’ camping in China, and employment opportunities. In his concluding remarks, he noted that CIUCC is committed to remaining a potent link between enterprises and students who aspire to work in Chinese industries, both home and abroad.




—————————— Story by: Iddriss Musah Iddriss


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