[Left to right]: Prof. Ishmael Mensah, Prof. Hu Liangcai (CIUCC), Prof. Lawrence Atepor, Prof. Samuel K. Ansah (CCTU)
The Confucius Institute at University of Cape Coast on Tuesday, September 4, 2017 signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Cape Coast Technical University (CCTU) to formally open a new Confucius classroom at the latter. This memorable signature ceremony took place in CCTU Council Chamber. Representing CCTU was the vice chancellor, Prof. Lawrence Atepor who was accompanied by Prof. Samuel K. Ansah (PROVOST –CCTU), Mr. Michael Magnus Bentil (Registrar –CCTU), Mr. Kwame Tenadu (Dir. Of Language Devt. And Training Center) and Mr. Ben Ebo Attom (Director of International Relations). CIUCC was jointly represented by the duo directors, Prof. Ishmael Mensah (Ghana Director, CIUCC) and Prof. Hu Liangcai (China Director, CIUCC). Also, in attendance was Mr. Qinhai Huang, a Chinese lecturer at CIUCC.
The purpose of this MOU is primarily, to facilitate the establishment of CIUCC’s Confucius Chinese training center at CCTU, and to identify the rights and responsibilities of the Confucius Institute at University of Cape Coast and Cape Coast Technical University. Among the terms of this MOU include:

CCTU will provide classrooms, furniture, students, office premises, students, as well as enabling atmosphere for the Chinese language instructors to kick start their mandate. CCTU shall also endeavor to officially integrate the Chinese language into its curriculum.
CIUCC in return, shall provide instructors who will draw the teaching plan and course design, provide teaching and learning materials.
This exercise only adds up to the commitment of Confucius Institute and Hanban to strengthen educational cooperation between China and Ghana.

Over the past years, CIUCC has made countless efforts to promote the development of Chinese Language education and other Chinese cultural related courses in Ghanaian institutions by opening Confucius classrooms in order to enhance mutual understanding and friendship between the peoples of China and Ghana, Africa and the world at large.
In his remarks, Professor Lawrence expressed gratitude to the two directors of CIUCC and Hanban for providing opportunities to students and staff members of the CCTU to learn Chinese language and related courses.
Professor Ishmael, in return thanked the Vice Chancellor and his team for opening their doors for CIUCC. He assured that, the establishment of this training center at CCTU will open many doors of opportunities to CCTU staff and students, and to the Ghanaians at large. “If we all play our roles diligently, it will be easy for Hanban to formally establish a CI center at CCTU”, said, Professor Ishmael.
On his part, Professor Hu also expressed his delight in the development.
“I am very happy to have had friendly interactions with the vice chancellor of CCTU via the electronic mail on few occasions. It is my aspiration that Chinese training centers will go everywhere to benefit people of all walks of life”, Prof. Hu averred.

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