A delegation from the Confucius Institute of the University of Cape Coast (CIUCC) led by Professor Ishmael Mensah the Ghana Director paid a courtesy call on the administrators of West End International School, West End University College, Hazelway International School and Penuel International School on Thursday, January 21st, 2021. The delegation first visited the West End University College and West End International School where they were warmly received by the management of the university. Professor Ishmael Mensah, indicated that the visit was to deepen the relationship between West End University College and the Confucius Institute as well as to formally introduce Professor Zhou Guiping the New China Director of the Institute to the management of the school.

Professor Zhou Guiping expressed her appreciation to the management team for their continuous support to the Institute especially with regards to Chinese language learning and teaching. She stated, the institute looks forward to further collaboration with the University. She further stated that, there are exchange programmes and scholarship opportunities for interested students and staff who would want to further their studies in China. She pledged the institute’s unwavering commitment to support the University for mutual benefits.

The management also pledged to support the Confucius institute in promoting Chinese language and culture in Ghana and beyond. The management of the West End University College appreciated the cordial relationship between their University and CIUCC and urged for more fruitful collaborations between the two institutions. The Rector of the university Prof. Ben Oduro
indicated that, as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, there would be some major changes in the teaching arrangements of the school but assured the directors that Chinese classes would still be held. The Chancellor of West End University College and Director of West End School, Mr. Joe Adjekum also appreciated the efforts of the Directors and teachers of CIUCC and promised greater collaboration between his schools and CIUCC. Present at the meeting were Mr. Joe Adjekum, Prof. Ben Oduro, Mr. Teytteh, Prof. Zhou Guiping, Prof. Ishmael Mensah three Chinese teachers and two Ghanaian Chinese language teachers from CIUCC.

At the Hazelway International School, the principal of the school welcomed the delegation after which the New China Director of CIUCC was introduced to him. Pleasantries were exchanged and Prof. Zhou expressed her appreciation to the principal for his continued support in the Teaching and learning of Chinese at his school. Further discussions were held on the organization of Chinese lessons for the new academic year.

The next stop for the delegation was Penuel International School in Kasoa, which has been accredited as a Confucius Classroom. The Headmaster, Mr. Alex Lavoe warmly received the delegation and thanked the Confucius Institute for their continuous support to the School. The headmaster suggested Chinese classes should be organized for adults who are interested in learning the language. The directors of the CIUCC applauded the headmaster for the laudable idea and promised arrangements would be made in future for the organization of such classes. The delegation inspected some classrooms which had been refurbished as part of the Confucius Classroom project and interacted with the pupils. The directors congratulated the headmaster for promoting Chinese language and culture in his school and the community. The headmaster thanked the delegation for their visit and also promised to work with the directors for the smooth running of the Confucius Classroom.

Prof. Zhou suggested that more students should be trained to partake in the Chinese Bridge competitions which would help boost the image of the school both locally and internationally. She further suggested more Chinese related activities are organized to help boost students’ knowledge in Chinese language and culture.

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