Confucius Institute at University of Cape Coast Holds a Lecture on “The Impact of Internet plus on China’s Economic Development.”

On November 17, Confucius Institute at University of Cape Coast held a organized a public lecture on the theme: "The Impact of the Internet plus on China's Economic Development", held at Cape Coast Technical University. Prof. Huarong Liu, an Associate Professor of Hunan University of Engineering opened the lecture with a keynote address before the main speaker made his presentation. Prof. Hu Liangcai, China Director of Confucius Institute at University of Cape Coast, Dr. Stephen Agyei Mensah, Dean of Cape Coast Technical University, and Mr. Kwame Tenadu, Director of Cape Coast Language Center and the teachers and students of Cape Coast Technical University attended the lecture. 

Before the lecture, Mr. Tenadu shared his experience of being a delegation of Ghanaian educational officials led by the Deputy Central Regional Minister organized by Confucius Institute at University of Cape Coast in October this year who stayed more than 10 days in China, he visited Beijing and attended the meeting held by China Hanban, then visited Hunan City University, participated in short-term training and seminars organized by Hunan City University, which was brief but really memorable..


Prof. Liu Huarong first briefly introduced the "Internet +" plan put forward by Premier Li Keqiang. Then she elaborated the impact of "Internet +" on economic development in terms of how "Internet +" promoted China's economic development and the status quo and prospects of China's Internet economy. She also introduced to the teachers and students the giant Internet business represented by Alibaba, O2O, B2B, B2C and other network economic transactions, as well as China's well-developed mobile payment, such as WeChat payment, the popularity of Alipay, etc. .

刘华容副教授做讲座Associate Professor Liu Huarong is giving a lecture

According to the audience, this lecture was found very informative and such lectures should be organized in multitudes for their merits.

China's Internet innovations have been integrated into all aspects of life. In Ghana, Pan-African Express and KIKUU as the representatives of the logistics platform, e-commerce platform are also in robust development, the future of the Ghanaian Internet requires a new generation of entrepreneurs who are pioneering and practical. Now they are working hard to learn Chinese and hope to have opportunities to study in China so that they can keep pace with the pace of development in China in the future. "



It is reported that since Cape Coast Technical University has signed the MOU with the Confucius Institute at University of Cape Coast to open a Chinese language training center at the beginning of September this year, Cape Coast Technical University has opened 4 minor classes each week and the number of students has reached more than 100. This lecture deepens students' understanding of China's economic development and is expected to encourage students to learn Chinese.






当地时间11月17日,海岸角大学孔子学院于海岸角科技大学(Cape Coast Technical University)举办了“‘互联网+’对中国经济发展的影响讲座。主讲人为湖南工程学院的刘华容副教授,海岸角大学孔院中方院长胡亮才教授、海岸角科大研究院院长门萨博士(Dr. Stephen Agyei Mensah)、海岸角科大语言中心主任唐纳德先生(Mr. Kwame Tenadu)及海岸角科大师生400余人出席了讲座。





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