Confucius Institute at University of Cape Coast organizes a Public Lecture on “World Economic Development and Economic Role of China”

On November 16, local time, a lecture organized by the Confucius Institute at University of Cape Coast on the theme of "World Economic Development and Economic Role of China" was successfully held at Perez University College, a Chinese language training center at Confucius Institute at University of Cape Coast. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Shi Feng from Hunan University of Engineering, and presided over by Prof. Hu Liangcai, China Director of Confucius Institute at University of Cape Coast. Also in attendance were Dr. Comfort Max-Wirth from School of Theology and Professor George Sundargar, Dean of School of Business at Perez University College. The lecture was attended by more than 300 teachers and students from Perez University College.


The lecture started about 10:00am local time, where Dr. Shi Feng gave an in-depth explanation of China's position and role in the era of economic globalization from the background of the world economic development in the fields of internationalization, trade liberalization, capital globalization and scientific and technological globalization. He explained how China's all-round participation in the adjustment of the international system will promote the trend of the world and the diversification of development modes. According to the expert, China is creating a brand new social, economic and political system and will have an incredible influence on the entire world. Dr. Shi Feng concludes: China is a leader in world economy, a defender of world peace, a link between North-South relations and a promoter of the evolution of the international system.

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According to Dr. Feng, China is currently the major promoter of the changes in contemporary international situations. China therefore recognizes the opportunities and challenges brought by the economic globalization, actively participate in the process of economic globalization, shoulder the responsibilities entrusted to us by the times and promote the diversity of human civilizations and the balanced development of the world economy.



当地时间11月16日,一场由海岸角大学孔子学院精心组织筹划,主题为“世界经济发展与中国经济角色”的讲座在海岸角大学孔子学院汉语教学点佩雷斯大学学院成功举办。主讲人为中国湖南工程学院的石峰博士,海岸角大学孔子学院中方院长胡亮才教授主持讲座。海岸角大学孔子学院邀请了佩雷斯大学学院神学院院长卡姆福特(Comfort Max-Wirth)博士、佩雷斯大学学院商学院院长乔治(George Sundargar)教授等作为到场嘉宾。佩雷斯大学学院师生共300余人出席了讲座。





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