On March 27th, the Director of CIUCC Prof.Hu Liangcai was led to the first Chinese Language Training Center

 University Practice Senior High School. 

Prof.Hu and the staffs of CIUCC first met with all the students in the school, introduced the government scholarships and Confucius Institute scholarship, the students showed great interest.
Subsequently, the two sides held a faculty meeting. The headmaster of the UPSHS has extended a warm welcome to the arrival of the teachers of the Confucius Institute and said that the school will try its best to support the Chinese Language Training Center. Prof.Hu introduced the local teacher training program and the summer scholar visit project of CIUCC. Chinese teachers and seven volunteer teachers carried out a simple self-introduction. Public school teacher Zeng Weijun also carried out a brief Chinese language teaching experience class, so that the experimental secondary school staff intuitively appreciate the charm of Chinese.

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