Hunan Provincial Education Department delegation Visits Confucius Classroom at University Primary School, Cape Coast

On June 15, 2023, a Hunan Provincial Department of Education delegation paid a visit to the University Primary School, UCC a Confucius Classroom. The visit was marked by a warm reception from the primary school students who greeted the delegation with vibrant Ghanaian traditional dance.

Led by Wang Jianhua, deputy director of the Hunan Provincial Department of Education, the delegation observed the Chinese language course being taught at the Confucius Classroom. The students showcased their fluency in Chinese by confidently singing Chinese songs in front of the delegation. Accompanying the delegation were Prof. Ou Yamei, the China director of the Confucius Institute, Prof. Ishmael Mensah, the Ghana director, and several teacher representatives.


During a subsequent symposium, Georgina Aglobitse, the headmistress of the University Primary School, extended a warm welcome to the delegation on behalf of the school. She provided an overview of the student’s progress in learning Chinese at the school. UPS operates as a Confucius classroom under the umbrella of the Confucius Institute at the University of Cape Coast, with a student body exceeding 1,460.

Professor He Zhen, the principal of Hunan City University, expressed admiration and appreciation for the Chinese language learning achievements of the students during the symposium. He commended the increasing number of students who have embraced learning Chinese and found joy in the process.

The visit of the Hunan Provincial Department of Education delegation to the Confucius Classroom showcased the enthusiasm and progress of Ghanaian students in learning the Chinese language. Through engaging cultural exchanges and dedicated teaching, the Confucius Classroom continues to foster a vibrant language acquisition environment, strengthening cultural ties between Ghana and China.

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