Orientation at University Practice Senior High School

On the 17th of September, 2018, the university practice senior high school held an orientation for its freshmen in order to let them know what goes on in the school, the benefits or opportunities they would get should they study their choice of program and other extra-curricular activities in the school.

As part of this orientation, the CIUCC was there to grace the occasion. Prof Hu and Prof Ishmael Mensah, the China and Ghana director of CIUCC respectively, Ms. Emelia and Ms. Zeng gave a speech during the orientation. Prof Hu in his speech highlighted on the fact that Ghana and China have a very good relation and that the china government seeks to support Ghana on some of their developmental projects and learning Chinese makes the students competitive on the job market.

Prof Ishmael, introduce the Chinese course and the various scholarship opportunities available to students who study Chinese.

Ms. Zeng took turn in elaborating the Chinese courses available.

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