Overseas Volunteers at the Confucius Institute at the University of Cape Coast

In recent years, the popularity of the Chinese language has increased overseas, and the role of the Chinese language in international exchanges has become increasingly prominent. In January 2022, the Confucius Institute at the University of Cape Coast welcomed its first batch of overseas volunteer teachers. In this issue, they show their experiences!

My name is Isaac Ibrahim, my Chinese name is Libai. After my Ph.D., I started a private company in Wuhan. In January 2022, I returned to Ghana and worked as an Overseas Volunteer Teacher at the Confucius Institute at the University of Cape Coast. I have always believed that students deserve the best education and that student satisfaction should be the top priority of teachers. Adhering to this teaching philosophy, I continue to improve my teaching methods, and pay attention to my students. I am gentle, approachable, and conscientious. My elementary school classes are relaxed and active which enables students to experience the charm of Chinese in a happy atmosphere. My students are usually engaged and focused on learning Chinese. In May this year, I established the first Chinese Language Club at the University of Cape Coast, launched the 2022 International Chinese Language Day, organised a Chinese Film Night, and other Popular Chinese cultural activities. These programs were patronized by both students and teachers.

I will always cherish my nine years of studying and working in China. Chinese culture is profound, I believe I can use my experience to help more Ghanaian students to study in China and help more people to visit China to have a look, understand and love China and its culture.

My name is Abubakar Ali, and my Chinese name is 阿里. I graduated from the University of Cape Coast in 2021 with a major in marketing. I have been studying Chinese for more than four years, and I have made significant progress in learning the Chinese language. Initially, I was not interested in Chinese, but my Chinese teacher constantly encouraged me. With the help of my teachers, I have made great progress. During my studies at the Confucius Institute, I participated in various Chinese language competitions and won awards. Including the Chinese Ambassador Scholarship, Excellence Award of the “Most Confucius Institute” Short video Contest organized by the International Chinese Language Education Foundation, Excellence Award of the 18th Chinese Bridge (Ghana), the First Prize of the Confucius Institute Idiomatic Story, and Chinese Character Writing Competition at the University of Cape Coast. I also perform ancient poetry, tongue twisters, allegro, cross-talk performances, and other activities held by the Confucius Institute.

Before every class, I carefully prepare my lesson notes. In order to make students develop an interest in the Chinese language, I include songs in teaching. Also, to improve my Chinese proficiency and teaching ability, I often use my leisure time to learn Chinese and read books on teaching. I still have a long way to go and many difficulties to overcome in terms of any teaching ability. I hope I can make my own contribute to the friendship between China and Ghana through my efforts in the future.

My name is Akwasi Poku Adu. My Chinese name is Yanggung. I graduated from The University of Cape Coast in 2021, majoring in Computer Science. I wanted to study in China, so I applied without hesitation.  When I started learning Chinese, I attach great importance to the study of the Chinese language basis. Through my own efforts and with the help of teachers, I got good grades. I did some internships in Chinese enterprises, and also took part in a Chinese summer camp in Hunan, China, which helped to improve my organizational and social skills. Although I did not get the chance to travel to China to study, under the guidance and help of the Confucius Institute, I kept learning and reflecting, and eventually became an Overseas Volunteer Teacher. My main responsibility at the Confucius institute is teaching Chinese but I sometimes do some administrative work. I always keep a cordial relationship with colleagues and students. I am willing to help others to study the Chinese language.

After six months of Chinese teaching, I understand that language is not only a communication tool but also an art in its existence. It is the colourful sunshine that illuminates student’s hearts,  guides them to roam the ocean of knowledge and fight the field of life. I have been pushing myself to be an excellent Chinese teacher with high standards so that students can feel the charm in learning of the Chinese language.

My name is Owusuwah Grace Mawusi. My Chinese name is Ou Xinyu. I graduated from The University of Ghana in 2020, majoring in Linguistics and Chinese. I didn’t know much about China, but my five years of Learning Chinese has given me a new understanding of China. China and Ghana have always maintained friendly contacts, because of the Chinese language, I have also developed a strong interest in the Chinese culture.

At the university, I had some teaching experience, which did not only improve my teaching ability, but also made me more determined to engage in teaching-related work after graduation. In January 2022, I had the honour of working as an Overseas Volunteer Teacher at the Confucius Institute at  University of Cape Coast in Ghana. I am mainly responsible for the Chinese language courses of Penuel International School which is affiliated to the Confucius Institute at The University of Cape Coast. I love teaching, I am meticulous and serious in class, and I respect every student’s interest and hobby. I often infuse the teaching of songs into my lessons and design various interesting games as part of my teaching content, so my Chinese lessons entice students.

After more than half a year of Chinese teaching, I have a feeling that to become an excellent Chinese teacher, I must continue to study hard and improve my teaching experience. In the future, I hope to encourage more Ghanaians to study Chinese.

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