The China director of Confucius Institute at University of Cape Coast, Prof. Hu Liangcai, delivered a public lecture on Monday, April 9, 2018. This lecture formed part of the 2018 lecture series being organized by CIUCC in its annual activity matrix. The goal of this lecture was to expose the audience to the demand for internationalization of higher education, its positive impact on contemporary world and the role the Confucius Institute (Hanban) plays as a key contributor to global education.

The lecture was held at the S. K. Agyapong’s Lecture Theatre (formerly; Large Lecture Theatre) of University of Cape Coast. Scores of students as well as university workers were present at the event. Prof. Hu was accompanied and supported by his counterpart director; Prof. Ismael Mensah (Ghana Director of CIUCC) and other staff members of CIUCC.

The presentation, according to Prof. Hu, was an extract from his recent research work entitled: The Interaction Between Human Being and Urban Culture Space as One of the Motivations for Higher Education Internationalization. According to Prof. Hu, this topic was found most suitable in respect of the present academic needs of the students.

The lecture touched on four key areas, namely:

  • The Research Status of the Motivations for Higher Education Internationalization
  • Human Being and Urban Culture Space
  • The Interaction among Human Beings, Urban Culture Space and Higher Education Internationalization. And
  • Internationalization of African Higher Education from the Perspective of Urban Cultural Space

Professor Hu took time to explain these concepts to the audience, pointing out its relevance to the current educational needs. In conclusion, he encouraged students to take advantage of the various scholarship opportunities the Chinese government is offering worldwide as well as the Confucius Institute’s scholarship for higher education as it is the surest way of promoting the internationalization of education.

CIUCC as part of its annual program outline planned to organize many more similar lectures in and around Cape Coast metropolis in the course of the year to complement its ongoing Chinese language and culture outreach programme in Ghana.

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