Chinese Language Teaching Begins at Perez-UC

CIUCC has officially started teaching Chinese Language at Perez University College. The maiden class took place on Friday, February 16, 2018. This is in fulfillment of the MOU signed by the two parties four months ago. The directors of CIUCC signed an MOU with the authorities of Perez-UC in October 2017 to open a new Chinese Language training center at Perez-UC. The Perez-UC center is the 9th Chinese Language and Culture training center to be established by CIUCC since its official inauguration in June 2016.

Per the terms of the MOU, CIUCC is to help Perez- UC to apply for a Confucius classroom after one year of this partnership, if Perez-UC can meet Hanban Criteria. In return, Perez-UC is required among others, to officially integrate the Chinese language into the curriculum of the university as one of the international languages that can be examined at the end of each semester by Chinese instructors.


    story by: Iddriss M. Iddriss

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