Chinese Local Teacher Training Commences at CIUCC

Volunteer Teacher Sui Yan is giving the Class

The Confucius Institute at University of Cape Coast, On Tuesday, July 3, 2018 commenced the training of local teachers in Chinese language and culture. This is part of the CIUCC’s effort to make Chinese language and culture assessible in Ghana to promote intercultural relationship between the two countries.

The Tuesday’s event marked the official launch of the programme whose negotiations started earlier this year through meetings and discussions between the two directors of CIUCC and key Ghanaian officials in government. The main objective of this local teaching training programme is to train more local teachers and equip them with mastery in Chinese language and culture and prepare them to assist in teaching the Chinese language as local teachers in various second cycle institutions in the central region of Ghana.

Confucius Institute at University of Cape Coast has made a greater impact in teaching Chinese language and culture in the central region of Ghana since its official establishment about two years ago. Since its official inauguration by Hanban in partnership with University of Cape Coast, CIUCC has established and successfully managed ten Chinese language training centers in the central and western regions of Ghana. Scores of students from universities, secondary and basic schools as well as workers and professionals from government and private institutions have been enrolled and trained in the various courses of CIUCC over the past two years. The local teacher training programme will give CIUCC’s teaching and learning activities a new dynamic which is hoped to increase the annual intake of the institute in its various courses.

At the orientation ceremony of this new programme, the China director of CIUCC, Prof. Hu Liangcai encouraged the local teachers to be committed to the programme since it will inure to the greater benefits.

The programme is expected to last for seven to eight weeks in the course of this summer vacation, as more enrolments is anticipated in the initial weeks.



Reported by: Iddriss M. Iddriss


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