CIUCC and Hunan City University Launch 2018 Summer Camp at Yiyang, China

Opening session of 2018 Dongting Summer Camp of Confucius Institute at UCC

On Friday, July 27, 2018, the Confucius Institute at University of Cape Coast (CIUCC) in collaboration with Hunan City University launched the 2018 Confucius Institute Students’ Summer Camp on the campus of Hunan City University in Yiyang. This is the second of such annual students’ Summer Camp by CIUCC. The maiden Summer Camp was organized in July 2017 where 17 students of CIUCC participated. This forms part of the mandate of CIUCC, to promote the teaching and learning of Chinese language and culture in Ghana.

Delegates seated for opening ceremony

This year’s Summer Camp is being organized in commemoration of Lake Dongting; a lake in Hunan Province where the Hunan City University. In view of this, the Summer Camp has been dubbed ‘Huaxia Dongting Summer Camp’. nineteen students from CIUCC are participating in this year’s programme, led by the China Director of CIUCC, Prof. Hu Liangcai, and assisted by Mr. Iddriss M. Iddriss and Mr. Divine Atinyo (National service personnel of CIUCC).

In attendance at the opening ceremony were Members of Hunan City University Management Board, led by Prof. Liu Hui Huang (Vice President of Hunan City University), Prof. Zhou Guiping (Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Programme) and her assistant, Prof. Yu Li’ an.

In his opening address, Prof. Liu Hui Huang welcomed the delegates on behalf of Hunan City University. He expressed their delight to host the delegates and expressed his wish to see a positive impact of the programme on the students.

According to Prof. Liu, Hunan City University is the first University in China to be named after a city. In spite of its relatively small size, the University has so much to boast of in terms of quality infrastructure, tuition and management. He added that Yiyang is also relatively a small city but it is certainly a beautiful place to be, and any visitor to the city will have a beautiful story to tell. “All of us here have a higher expectation from you the delegates to become engineers of the good relationship started by Hunan City University and CIUCC”, Prof. Liu added.

Prof. Liu Hui Huang (Vice President of Hunan City University)
Prof. Hu Liangcai (China Director of CIUCC)

Prof. Hu Liangcai thanked Prof. Liu and his entourage for their warm reception offered the delegates. He gave a brief presentation on CIUCC and its activities as well as its achievements and assured the leadership of Hunan City University of more successes in the near future with the necessary support to maintain the collaboration with the University of Cape Coast.

A representative of the delegates, Ingrid Y. Kuupole, also thanked CIUCC, Hanban and the leadership of Hunan City University for the opportunity given them to share in the cultural and academic experience that the program offers. She assured the organizers of the event a desirable result at the end of the programme.

Group Picture of All Delegates

  The 2018 summer camp which officially started on Friday, July 27, 2018 will last for three weeks and shall officially end on Tuesday, August 14, 2018. Among the activities in the programme are lectures on Chinese language, Chinese culture, Chinese calligraphy, Sino-Foreign cultural exchange, various kinds of games, Kung fu, Chinese etiquette, site seeing and exploration of dark green tea market.



Reported by: Iddriss M. Iddriss (for CIUCC)

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