Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Story Telling Competition

      On 28th August 2022, the Confucius Institute at the University of Cape Coast held an online storytelling competition.  The purpose of this competition was to strengthen cultural exchanges between China and Ghana and provide a platform for Ghanaian students who love Chinese stories to showcase their talents. It was also aimed at enhancing communication and friendship between Chinese and Ghanaians.

Participants were required to record a video of themselves telling a story surrounding the mid-autumn festival. A total of 17 stories were submitted. After a thorough selection process, 10 contestants emerged as winners. The first prize winner received an amount of GHS300 and a certificate, the second prize winners received an amount of GHS 200 and a certificate while the third prize winners received an amount of GHS150 each and a certificate. The remaining 4 contestants were given consolation prizes of GHS100 each and a certificate.


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