CIUCC’s Spring Festival Photo Gallery

Prof. Ishmael Mensah (Ghana director) with student participants
Prof. Hu Liangcai (China director0 interacts with participants
Some UCC students trying their hands on Chinese hand craft
CIUCC staff: Ms. Wang Wendam and Iddriss M.
Prof. Hu takes picture with CIUCC students
Prof. Mensah (Middle) with James Annan (Right) and Rafat (Left)
Iddriss, Huang, and Aisha
James Opoku, Local teacher at CIUCC
CIUCC NS Personnel with Prof. Mensah (Ghana director)
Group picture
Group picture
UCC student playing blindfold game challenge [One is blindfolded and made to draw on the board]
display of some Chinese artefact
Prof. Mensah, and Prof. Hu, with CIUCC student
Ibrahim Rafat, CIUCC student practicing calligraphy with Ms. Wang Wendam
Prof. Hu Liangcai, delivering a speech
Prof. Ishmael Mensah delivering a speech
Ms. Guo Jing teaching students some Chinese culture
Perpetual and friend on chopstick challenge
Mr. Sui Yan explains Chinese wine culture
Students playing word game with James Annan
Blind game challenge
Audience seated at auditorium
Ms. Hou Shiying shows Chinese tea culture
Mr. Kwame Tenadu of CCTU (In the middle) joins the program
Students learning the use of chopsticks


Photo from Spring Festival Celebration 2018  

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