Confucius Institute of University of Cape Coast(CIUCC) held the first Board of Advisors’ meeting

The first Board of Advisors’ meeting of CIUCC was held in UCC’s Department of Arts meeting room successfully at 2 PM March 1, 2017.Professor Joseph who is The headmaster of UCC and the chairman of CIUCC’s Board of Advisors ,other members of foreign Board in CIUCC, Chinese and Ghanian Directors of CIUCC attended the meeting.There were approved CIUCC Rules and Regulations,the work plan of 2017,the programme budget of 2017 and development plan(2016–2021) and etc. 
The Ghanian director of CIUCC reported a series of activities that had been held by CIUCC rencently and received praises from Board members.The Chinese director of CIUCC reported CIUCC’s the programme budget,the work plan ,rules and regulations,development plan of 2017. 
The council member discussed the report conscientious and put forward some improved advices.Finally,the Board members of CIUCC approved a series of documents of CIUCC.In addition ,the Chinese and Ghanian directors solicited opinions about some problems that CIUCC is facing,the Board member discussed it and came up with solutions and decided to convene an enlarged Board meeting at the last of this month in order to stimulate the development of CIUCC to be better. 
This Board meeting is the first Board meeting of CIUCC held in 2017,it’s success will guide the way of CIUCC’s development.

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